RIP Jackie Chan

When i login to twitter i see The death of Jackie Chan is currently a trend now on Twitter. Although not yet April, some Twitter followers have been duped by this rumor. The scam began in earnest in the article published in pastehtml. As quoted in the article, the death of Jackie Chan, who has spent during the promotion of his latest film, Kung Fu Panda 2. He suffered a heart attack while doctors said this was due to too much stress and pressure.

One report says that even the President of the United States, Barack Obama delivered a personal message saying that "Jackie Chan is a man who can talk through the talent, is a constant reminder of the power of humanity. He will always be in our hearts, a true inspiration that inspired many generations. First, Nate Dogg, then it is Jackie Chan. "

This "RIP Jackie Chan" question encourages most of the reactions in various social networking sites.

Mz4Something of Yahoo Answers, said, "Jackie Chan has been reported dead at least once a year since 2004. This is the internet pranksters who think they are still fun. Is very much alive."

Twitter SuperJamielee also believed that this is just a joke, she said: "RIP Jackie Chan" is an April Fool joke! A little surprised, though. Caramba! "

Pontil Jacob also was surprised by this rumor, citing "my sister just said that I have thought so I searched the internet and found a lot of rumors, some even since January I hope your life. D: its awesome"

so i think is hoax not true,
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